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Five things about the Monaco Grand Prix

The jewel in the crown of Formula One, the Monaco Grand Prix is the ultimate racing and social experience for anyone who loves fast cars. Even if you aren’t a massive petrol head, experiencing the Monaco Grand Prix is like no other. Get swept up in the fabulous views, atmosphere and experience – there’s a reason that is on everyone’s bucket list.

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about the most glamorous and iconic race:

1. Behind Monza, the Circuit de Monaco is the second most visited in F1 history. It made its debut on the Formula 1 calendar in the championship’s inaugural season in 1950, before becoming a permanent fixture to the schedule in 1955.

2. The Monaco GP has the shortest lap distance of all races in the calendar – just over two miles in total. It is a well-worn route however, with the 78 laps required to complete the race being the most of any circuit.

3. One of the most memorable races in modern history took place at Monaco in 1996, when the 22 drivers who had qualified were decimated down to a finishing number of just four. By virtue of being the final two racers to retire, Finns Mika Salo and Mika Häkkinen still picked up championship points, while David Coulthard – who finished second – wore one of Michael Schumacher’s helmets, having borrowed it before the race because he was having visibility problems with his own.

4. On average, a driver changes gear 62 times per lap at Monaco, meaning that a driver will undertake close to 5,000 gear changes throughout the course of the race. The longest period at full throttle takes place through the tunnel, lasting around 7.5 seconds.

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